Okanagan Cultivators made an enormous hire this month by adding Mr Winston Dobbs to its board. Winston Dobbs has a wealth of experience in the IPO field, Mr Dobbs has helped over 100 IPOs to the global markets including companies like Twitter and Aramco to the public markets in the last 30 years. The IPO listing on the TSX later this year with paperwork filed for the NYSE in 2021.  Mr Dobbs will head up the investor relations team as well as all day to day operations. 

Okanagan Cultivators press officer and spokeswomen Alison Colbert released a statement stating  ‘ We could not be happier to add the knowledge and experience of Mr Winston Dobbs to our team, we believe with his guidance and input he will get the most profit possible when we list on the Toronto Stock Exchange.’

Okanagan Cultivators has already sold 50,000,000 million shares to major institutions in Canada and America.  Okanagan Cultivators has planned three more tranches of shares to be sold. With the next tranche of 10,000,000 shares scheduled for release in early February 2020. 

Alison Colbert stated ‘ We have met all of our compliance requirements and with the prestigious Canadian law firm Pushor Mitchell LLP doing the legal side of things. And the addition of Winston Dobbs and his vast experience and contacts in the IPO market globally. We know we will have a very successful IPO launch at the end of 2020 for OC shareholders. 

Okanagan Cultivators in conjunction with the hiring of Mr Winston Dobbs has just increased its reach into the financial world exponentially. Look for this IPO to make a major Splash on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2020. 

The Canadian government has signed contracts with OC and is in negotiations to increase that monthly order.  Okanagan Cultivators also plans to add another 400 acres to its current site 


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