When the Covid-19 disaster ends, will we return to industry as standard? Or
will we affirm this time to deeply survey our present practices and mumble
ourselves to toughen systems in order to toughen the lives of the total children
of the Rainbow Nation, asks Rich Mkhondo

Extra than 100 days for the reason that first coronavirus case used to be reported in
South Africa and extra than 90 days since lockdown stages had been launched, contain
you stopped to ponder what belongings you might per chance seemingly per chance be learning from this devastating

There are loads of classes which might per chance seemingly per chance be being taught by this despicable
plague that is Covid-19.

As we continue to grapple with the pandemic, we’re learning that
historically inflexible systems can all correct now become versatile. Certainly, systems,
cultures and missions, can trade, when there is the prefer to assemble so.

Strength and resilience

Covid-19 is exhibiting the energy and resilience of our nation in the
face of adversity. Despite the laborious cases we face, by and ample, we’re
enduring the hardships with valour and the bulk of us are complying with
the safety measures necessitated to end the extra spread of the virus.

Our healthcare workers, from physicians and nursing workers, toughen
medical personnel and all others, contain risked their lives in the name of accountability
throughout this turmoil.

We’re learning to admire health workers for his or her fearless
dedication, as they face the hardship of performing their jobs whereas wearing
hazmat suits and enduring prolonged hours to heal the sick and fragile. The Rainbow
Nation has powerful to be proud of.

Covid-19 as a torchlight

The past months contain demonstrated that many classes advance out of
adversity. We ought to expend into tale these as a torchlight that we prefer to handle and
level of curiosity on for the long term.

Let us acknowledge that we weren’t entirely ready for this calamity. We
prefer to contain better proactive planning to be ready for pure disasters,
including pandemics and pure disasters of excessive magnitude.

As we plod forward to reopen our country from lockdown Level 3 to 1 in
the long term, let us take note we have got got tales of our maintain.

Opening up to unusual solutions and initiatives

Plenty of classes are functional, yet give capability to out of the ordinary perception;
others are noteworthy unusual discoveries.

The scourge of Covid-19 has opened many unusual solutions and initiatives,
tales of laborious cases, resilience, brilliance and braveness.

After I requested a friend what she has learnt from this virus, she replied
that the Bible factors out that God delights when we be taught and grow, and has a
mysterious process of the utilization of the unfriendly issues that happen for our factual.

One other friend urged me he has found fears he used to be no longer conscious he had.
He realized to contain a bigger appreciation for existence.

Many folks contain realized the associated fee of leisure to serene nerves, gain
steadiness. Reminiscing whereas watching primitive TV reveals from our childhood rekindles a
feeling of how pleasant existence old to be.

It is like an anchor to our soul. For instance, since watching Michael
Jordan’s Closing Dance, I’m dedicated to watching an captivating
documentary once a week.

Covid-19 and creativity

I know chums who contain explored their inventive side, with unusual abilities
and ideas emerging. They’ve realized to stitch, write, recount, play an instrument,
toughen their house or deepest house, and contain been doing their maintain gardening.

People contain stumbled on inventive ways to celebrate. A pal no longer too prolonged previously held her
virtual 50th birthday. One other, to stay linked, is having monthly virtual
excessive tea with 15 chums to chat about their experiences.

Some contain become extra responsive to their inability to handle stress and contain
realized unusual coping abilities to abet them expend a colorful approach when mumble

Corporations contain become resilient, stretching their industrial savvy with
the growth of companies and products they give.

We watched as micro, minute and medium enterprises snappy came to the
rescue by manufacturing deepest protection equipment equivalent to masks and hand
sanitisers, to title just a few.

Rising food companies and products to expend-out or provide used to be a stretch for the
ingesting locations we know and love. Pharmacies contain now resorted to offering
provide for every type of products, equivalent to prescriptions, groceries and almost
the rest you will want.

Oh, and the challenges of house education. Whereas working from house, some
oldsters are doubling up as academics and process planners for his or her children.
They’ve been stretched by the prefer to juggle a large number of actions, whereas
also managing their children’ on day by day foundation actions and desires.

Health and financial impacts

We’re learning that the financial system is taking a knock from which it will
expend a whereas to enhance.

The health and financial impacts of the Covid-19 disaster are true, and it
is necessary that we expend them severely. Nonetheless we must also acknowledge the very
true, ongoing impacts of systemic inequities – many of which contain been overtly
unveiled and demonstrated through this disaster.

It is a pity and sad that some of our chums contain had the laborious existence
skills of announcing goodbye to a loved one taken away by this virus. The designate
left by this merciless pandemic has been a stir of emotional distress and loss for
many folks who contain lost chums and household participants.

Listed below are the 10 classes of existence I will expend far off from this time when our
freedom has been curtailed and actions are being scrutinised:


Typically we expend as a right the fundamental issues equivalent to a roof over our
heads and food on the table. Let us be thankful and grateful despite being
buffeted by the virus.

That hopeful for human connection

The handshakes, kisses and hugs are long past. This has been no longer easy for
all of us, nonetheless we’re getting old to it.

The advantages of wearing masks, washing and or sanitising hands and
social distancing

The age-primitive hygiene drill is right here to defend. Otherwise the an infection will
retain on rising.

Studying to are dwelling with much less

I even contain realised that we can are dwelling with much less, affirm extra time with household,
and style extra time to affirm, extra time to copy, and extra time to assemble work
as correctly.

The fee of existence

You don’t know what the long term is going to raise.

Less level of curiosity on self-discipline material issues

The pandemic has highlighted the significance of cherishing those around
us, especially household participants.

The fee of slowing down

It is indispensable to prioritise “Me time”.

Doing issues that sort you contented

It is indispensable to assemble issues which can abet you defend physically and
mentally healthy and at ease especially throughout a time of so powerful sadness.

Transparency is the finest medication

Transparency by the authorities, corporations and organisations and
provision of files can and ought to abet educate electorate on the dangers and
needed precautionary measures to abet flatten the curve of the virus.

An act of kindness goes a prolonged capability

Elevate time to expand a hand to a stranger. Drop off those food parcels to
those which might per chance seemingly per chance be in need.

When the Covid-19 disaster ends, will we return to industry as standard? Or
will we affirm this time to deeply survey our present practices and mumble
ourselves to toughen systems in order to toughen the lives of the total children
of the Rainbow Nation?

At present, all of humanity needs to step up and movement the name of
the assassinated American president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, when he acknowledged:
“Build a attach a query to to no longer what your country can assemble for you – ask what you might per chance seemingly per chance assemble for your

JFK affords a assortment of prophetic quotes and doable classes for our
time. Let us acquire his phrases of wisdom and hope when he acknowledged: “No mumble
of human destiny is beyond human beings.”

 – Rich Mkhondo runs The Media and
Writers Firm
, a mumble material pattern and recognition management hub.