While the crypto market is slowly trying to recuperate its recent hike, the Lady Ape Club (LAC) are bursting into the scene. A 4-hour sale of 9,000 NFTs on the STRMNFT marketplace, followed by immediate listing on OpenSea, demonstrates the demand for crypto collectibles isn’t slowing.

LAC is an NFT project that comprises a collection of female-themed ape NFTs. While some will think it’s just a spin-off of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), its recent paramount sale demonstrates that this collection has more to offer in the NFT space.

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Opensea x STRMNFT now list Lady Ape Club NFTs

The Lady Ape Club: What is it?

The Lady Ape Club (LAC) collection is composed of 10,000 uniquely illustrated artworks representing female apes. To begin with, these NFTs were created by the art team in TNC Group. In short, they are one of UAE’s top blockchain companies, leading many emerging projects to success.

The sale was opened on STRMNFT on July 18, 2022, at 9: 00 AM GST. The NFTs available for sale quickly started to decrease, with many users rushing to buy Lady Apes before they sold out. In only four hours, the sale was concluded with 9,000 Lady Apes completely sold out.

After the sale, a timed auction immediately started with 90 special edition apes, which they also sold out in less than 24 hours as the auction closed on July 19 at 10: 00 AM GST.

To provide more opportunities for all NFT users, the project listed 700 Lady Apes from its collection on OpenSea for auctioning.

The Rush for Prebooking Before the Sale

Many users showed interest in the LAC NFTs before the sale opened. The LAC creators, TNC Group, had shortlisted a group of loyal users to prebook one random LAC NFT before the sale started.

As the period was just 48 hours, many users requested more time to have the chance to prebook their Lady Ape NFTs. As a result, the LAC project had extended the prebooking to July 16.

Lady Ape Club NFT Distribution

The distribution of the Lady Ape collection will go as follows:

  • 9,000 for sale on STRMNFT.
  • 90 for auction on STRMNFT.
  • 700 for auction on OpenSea.
  • 100 for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) holders.
  • 100 for partner influencers.
  • 10 for the LAC project creators.

STRMNFT: The Marketplace Leading the Successful Sale

The industry needs high-performance blockchains capable of processing large amounts of transactions simultaneously.  With a blockchain network that processes up to 300,000 TPS, the STRMNFT marketplace managed to lead the LAC sale by handling all the buying requests.

STRMNFT is a new marketplace by StreamCoin. This blockchain company has a group of streaming and NFT-focused platforms and services. Essentially, these aim to lead the future of video NFTs.

Lady Apes: Exclusive Benefits to the Holders

The LAC project set a roadmap showcasing the benefits   Lady Apes holders will get. Notably, the Baby Apes are a great perk. This collection of small ape NFTs will be integral for a new breeding mechanism. However, to do so, you’ll need another LAC item: DNA. What’s more, the project will host an exclusive yacht party in Dubai for the LAC holders.

Buying a Lady Ape NFT

Naturally, the LAC Collection sold out almost immediately. Now, the Lady Apes NFTs are available on both the STRMNFT and OpenSea marketplaces. Follow the LAC project on its official social media channels to get the latest updates, including: Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and Discord. Then, check out the official Lady Apes Website too!

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