Singapore, Singapore — (ReleaseWire) — 07/05/2022 –Abendroth Fortel, a leading financial services adviser and a well-reputed commodity broker aiming to provide its clients with an array of investment opportunities in the commodity markets, today announced the action plans to develop the ESG exposure conditions in order to introduce extra reporting for central environmental data categories.

With the help of this process, the clients who are owning assets can approach specific environmental exposure measures regarding their investments. That also involves the revealing of a new ESG insight, an environmental report, which gives investors the possibility to access the environmental analysis by using a series of factors.

The market users can apply the derived information in order to connect with asset managers and stakeholders regarding the environmental effect of their investment portfolio and to create analysis and data for releasing in periodic disclosures. The elaborate information offers clients the possibility to identify ways of achieving sustainability objectives and comply with upgraded regulatory requirements.

The information provided can also be used for:

– Obtaining fund-level supervision of environmental exposure and evaluating key scores among individual managers, portfolios and sectors;

– Control the changes of a portfolio’s environmental exposure in order to supervise stakeholders’ interests in the market;

– Encourage conformity towards sustainable investment arrangements.

“Environmental factors are like a driving force that inquires efficient monitoring of material exposure and increased reporting. Our competence is directed towards our clients in many forms and helps them treat with vigilance the ESG factor when making business decisions. Abendroth Fortel’s team is dedicated to offering our clients clear insights as they follow their ESG responsibilities. Our reports are accomplished with the support of several information services providers”, said Ling How Haron, Head of the Research Department for Abendroth Fortel.

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