Cudahy, WI — (ReleaseWire) — 06/23/2022 –Access Elevator, a leader in providing mobility and accessibility products, is pleased to feature platform lifts for residential and commercial applications in Appleton, Madison, Wausau, Milwaukee, Chicago, Waukesha, and the surrounding areas. Where stairlifts aren’t always practical and elevators are too expensive, platform lifts provide a nice in-between option that doesn’t take up as much space as other devices and isn’t as costly either.

Platform lifts are sometimes confused for an odd-looking elevator, and while this is understandable, platform lifts are different from elevators. They usually have a protective cage around them but are not fully enclosed. They are controlled in the platform lift itself rather than requiring another person to operate them.

When comparing a platform lift against other options, they make a lot of sense to use. For example, installing an elevator in a building, even a LU/LA elevator, is much more expensive than installing a platform lift.

Additionally, elevators require more space above and below the operating range, whereas a platform lift does not.

Platform lifts also can be temporary installations, whereas an elevator is definitely not a temporary installation. Platform lifts also can be large enough to accommodate people who are on scooters or powerchairs, and this is still cost-effective compared with installing an elevator, and stairlifts aren’t meant to handle anything other than a person.

Because of the flexibility in locating platform lifts, the cost-effective nature of them compared to traditional and LU/LA elevators, the fact that they keep staircases free, and can accommodate a variety of regular and powered wheelchairs while allowing them to operate the platform lift themselves makes these ADA devices more and more interesting to a variety of organizations.

Access Elevator knows that independence and mobility are important aspects of living. By providing several different models of platform lifts, Access Elevator seeks to give easy access no matter what the unique requirements are.

About Access Elevator

Access Elevator seeks to improve the lives of physically challenged people by offering a wide range of products that promote mobility and independence. Access Elevator has a range of different platform lifts that can be tailored to fit the individual and businesses’ unique requirements. Visit to learn more about quality platform lifts solutions in Appleton, Madison, Wausau, Milwaukee, Chicago, Waukesha, and the surrounding areas.