Time for a fast test: Who, in the end, is the greatest victim of the entire Afghan crisis?

If you responded to “Italy”, you ‘d be proper– a minimum of in the view of the Italian extreme right.

Consider, for beginners, a current post in the Italian paper Il Tempo, which cautions that the Taliban’s reconquest of Afghanistan will let loose an “extraordinary wave of migrants”– a genuine “migratory tsunami”– that will quickly flood Italy with countless Afghans.

According to the short article’s author, Afghan males frequently have a hard time to incorporate into European society, and have actually currently “devoted numerous sexual hostilities versus European ladies”– something European males undoubtedly never ever do.

The bottom line, we are informed, is that the right to asylum should not continue to be a “Trojan horse for mass migration[,] Islamism– and sometimes terrorism”.

Other Italian media, too, have actually been struck by the wave of restored xenophobic turmoil– an unsurprising state of affairs in a nation where four-time prime minister and billionaire media magnate Silvio Berlusconi as soon as grumbled that Milan looked excessive like Africa.

Lest the ethical of the story go unappreciated, he spelled it out: “Some individuals desire a multicoloured and multiethnic society. We do not share this viewpoint.”

Then there was that time in 2015 that the Il Giornale paper– commanded by Berlusconi’s bro Paolo– released a post by Nino Spirlì, entitled “Italy IS NOT an Islamic nation”.

Spirlì, who has actually given that ended up being acting president of the southern Italian area of Calabria, competed that attacking migrant crowds were endeavouring to take control of Italy and expel Italians from the land, consequently reproducing occasions of a millennium ago “when the Moors landed … on my coasts to rape and eliminate”.

Sending migrants back to their own nations was hence “not a sin” however rather a “sacrosanct” task.

Indeed, any great Orientalist tirade needs locating Arab/Muslim villains in an ancient, barbaric past. Never ever mind more current intrusions– like, state, Italy’s imperialist and colonialist manoeuvres in Africa that assisted set the phase for existing migration patterns in the very first location.

In The Addis Ababa Massacre: Italy’s National Shame, for instance, scholar Ian Campbell keeps in mind that a “policy of fear” underpinned the Italian military profession of Ethiopia, which lasted from 1936-41 Throughout a simple 3 days in February 1937, Campbell approximates, around 19-20 percent of the Ethiopian population of Addis Ababa was butchered by Italian militants and civilians.

Fast forward to the mass carnage caused under the pretext of the United States’s so-called “war on horror”– which has actually depended on Italian military assistance in Afghanistan and somewhere else– and the representation of Italy as the supreme victim of the refugee “tsunami” ends up being even less capitivating.

Spirlì, it bears pointing out, comes from the League, a reactionary political celebration headed by previous Italian interior minister and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, who in 2018 stated that Italy was “under attack” by Muslims, including: “Our culture, society, customs and lifestyle are at danger.”

Salvini, who is likewise understood for closing Italian ports to migrant rescue vessels and vowing to deport half a million migrants as part of his visualized “mass cleansing” of the patria– to be performed “street by street”– credited the late Italian reporter Oriana Fallaci with having actually predicted the Muslim attack.

The course of Fallaci’s own post-9/11 descent into overall Islamophobic derangement is well protected in her screeds on subjects like Muslim plots to change European miniskirts with chadors and cognac with camel’s milk.

Shortly prior to her death in 2006, Fallaci threatened to explode a mosque and Islamic centre set up for building in Tuscany– no doubt a special counterterror option.

Despite seemingly comparing refugees who are really running away war and other apparently less deserving classifications of migrant, the League has actually disappointed much compassion when it comes to the Afghan crisis– with Salvini repeating that Italy can not function as a huge refugee camp on behalf of Europe and the world or keep an open-door policy for “prospective terrorists”.

The technique to Afghan refugees promoted by the Brothers of Italy celebration– which occurs to be the follower to Benito Mussolini’s banned Fascist Party and yet is the leading part of Italy’s so-called “centre-right” union– is on the other hand summarized by the La Repubblica paper as follows: “No refugees in Italy … however in any other nation yes.”

Not that migrants who in fact make it to Italy constantly have much to compose house about. In addition to being flooded with racist vitriol, they are typically apprehended in terrible conditions that are inconducive to recovering physically or psychologically from having simply risked their lives on harmful and violence-ridden trajectories demanded by the unilateral sanctity of European borders.

There are, obviously, lots of more gentle Italian voices requiring a congenial reception of refugees. Thanks in part to determined exploitation of the migration problem, Italy’s conservative sociopaths are experiencing a renaissance– and a current study by the online paper Affaritaliani.it reported that almost half of Italians opposed accepting refugees from Afghanistan.

To be sure, one function of fascistic fear-mongering is to sidetrack spotlight from domestic despair and mis-governance by directing The Blame For All Problems onto immigrants and other “Others”.

Case in point: repeating prime minister Berlusconi has actually propagated the claim that “all these migrants live off hoax and criminal offense”. This exact same Berlusconi has himself been arraigned numerous times for corruption– while “hoax” would likewise appear to be a respectable description of a scenario in which a billionaire political leader commands a media empire in the nation where he is politically active.

In 2018, United Nations human rights specialists cautioned that a “public discourse unashamedly accepting racist and xenophobic anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner rhetoric” had actually produced a “environment of intolerance” that was certainly connected to the “escalation in Italy in hate events versus groups and people, consisting of kids, based upon their real or viewed ethnic background, skin colour, race and/or migration status”.

One presumable case in point: the 13- month-old Roma lady who was shot from a veranda by a guy with an air rifle. This remained in July 2018– coincidentally on the heels of among Salvini’s anti-Roma projects.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, I myself utilized to invest a part of every summertime in the area of Puglia in southern Italy, where I had the ability to observe the impacts of the political-mediatic war on refugees and migrants.

Each year, regional citizens would upgrade me on the rumoured disobediences of Italy’s undesirable visitors, who in addition to being burglars, rapists, and terrorists, were likewise stated to be milking the Italian state for each last euro– to be invested in high-end lodgings, the current smart phone designs, and all way of other product excesses.

Things got back at more out of hand in summer season 2017, when a photo went viral of Samuel L Jackson and Magic Johnson resting on a bench in Tuscany with Louis Vuitton and Prada shopping bags. The American star and ex-basketball gamer, both Black, were misinterpreted for migrants by numerous online Italians, who registered their “embarassment” and other beliefs at the evident gross wasting of Italian taxpayer cash.

Reality be damned, the Italian story of victimhood is still going strong– with Salvini grumbling, inter alia, that migrants are “bringing war” to his nation– Italy bringing war to other nations is certainly not an issue.

Now, as Afghan refugees try to transit from one circle of hell to another– a journey that will undoubtedly cost a lot of them their lives– Salvini has actually sounded the alarm that “the flight from Afghanistan threats being a catastrophe”.

And while we are certainly handling a catastrophe here, it is not the kind he is speaking about.

The views revealed in this post are the author’s own and do not always show Al Jazeera’s editorial position.

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