Limited time London pop-up “Arcade Apes” bring web3 enthusiasts and the crypto curious together via indulging experiences including an art gallery, arcade gaming, and board games.  The space is host to a variety of events surrounding NFT projects. Learn more about the Arcade Apes project and how you can book a slot below!

What Events Do The Arcade Apes Offer?

Founded by Vishaal Hindocha (@vishaalhindocha) & Samit Max Patel (@iamsamitpatel) Arcade Apes acts as a bridge to get people curious about crypto and NFTs. The vision is to hold a space where people come to learn more about crypto and NFTs. The space also hosts NFT events for projects and builders to give back to their community. This is a great way for creators and brands to introduce IRL experiences and utilities to their communities.

“On regular nights our guests can have their own private booth with an arcade machine, access to board games and enjoy the physical and digital (NFTs) artwork while also learning more about them. We also host panelled discussions around crypto, NFT and networking events.” states founder Vishaal. Visitors can choose from upto 3000 games in their arcade machines (Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Sonic, they’ve got it all!). They can also enjoy various board games like Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, and more. Moreover, people can also enjoy beautiful digital art from some incredible artists. The Arcade Ape art gallery is curated by world-famous artist Adam Rattigan. 

an image of the Ape Arcade gallery

The arcade has already hosted community events for BAYC, Cyptopunks, Tom Bilyeu’s Founders Key NFT, Cryptoskulls, Cryptomories, Avastars, Cyberbrokers, Munchies, Robotos, Fluffworld, Party Degens, World of Women, Psychedelics Anonymous, and Vee Friends! You may book your slots directly via their website, and stay updated on their official Twitter handle!

A Building Mission

In a space that needs more education, open conversations, and community involvement, the pop-up has already been a driving force. For instance, during NFT London, Arcade Apes opened their doors to all people to have fun and explore the wonders of web3. This was regardless of if they owned an NFT or not. During this time, they began to be known and referred to as the go-to spot for web3 meetups, networking, and connections. This is a venue where people can invite their communities to meet each other and interact/learn about other communities as well!

Web3 is for the builders, and Arcade Apes seem to be a new direction in onboarding and educating people about web3. The installation acheives this via placing a fun environment – laying board games around, arcade machines, DJ, dance floor and social area. The project also teaches people how they can use the IP from their NFTs to launch their special brands. Furthermore, this amazing project has received high praise from Yuga Labs and the BAYC Council!

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