Jim Obergefell on the future of same-sex marriage: ‘The fact that it’s the law of the land today does not mean it will be tomorrow.’

    07: 39

  • The ‘R’ word: Is the U.S. economy headed for a recession?

    04: 04

  •  ‘If they come for me today, they’re coming for you tomorrow’: Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) on what lies ahead one month after overturn of Roe 

    07: 29

  • ‘We’ve got a problem at the highest level’: Secret Service faces scrutiny over deleted text messages 

    06: 06

  • ‘There’s some flip-flopping here.” GOP Senators vary responses to same-sex marriage

    05: 51

  • The political fallout of the January 6 committee hearings

    05: 35

  • Benen: “There is ample evidence to suggest [Trump] wanted to join his January 6 mob’

    03: 29

  • Jan 6 Committee requests Secret Service texts by Tuesday 

    06: 27

  • ‘This cannot be the final report’: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) reacts to the latest Uvalde report

    08: 36

  • ‘It’s an attack on the Constitution itself’: Prominent Republicans push back against Trump’s Big Lie

    04: 41

  • Heroic teenager recounts saving 3 girls and police officer from drowning in sinking vehicle

    05: 59

  • Richmond Mayor discusses thwarted mass shooting plot: ‘This could happen in any city’

    05: 23

  • Biden faces pressure from Democrats to meet the moment on national issues

    05: 38

  • The political legacy of Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe

    08: 17

  • Sen. Cardin on gun reform after Shinzo Abe assassination: “We need to recognize that America is an outlier”

    05: 07

  • Dutch doctor helps Americans access abortion pills post-Roe

    05: 01

  • Father of Texas Marine detained in Russia on U.S. response to Griner case: ‘This can be done tomorrow.’

    07: 54

  • Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) speaks about being arrested at abortion rights protest outside Supreme Court

    05: 09

  • Alexander Vindman on Trump team intimidating Jan 6 witnesses: “This is how they operate”

    06: 22

  • Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen: ‘Trump will distance, disparage, and destroy’

    04: 33