WHOA, it’s a Brian Stelter sighting!

Awww, Tater’s doing it for free. Ain’t that cute?

Funny how the first time we really see him is when he’s gloating about Democrats keeping control of the Senate. But you know, his pal Cillizza said journalists don’t pick a side. Then again, Tater isn’t really a journalist anymore so we guess he’s allowed?


NBC and CNN both call Nevada for Sen. Cortez Masto, keeping the Senate in Democratic hands. Nothing from Fox yet. pic.twitter.com/LHQKKoFYRt

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) November 13, 2022

Notice he’s still whining about Fox.


Hey, maybe they’ll hire him.

HA HA HA HA HA again.

Update: Fox News is now reporting on the Democrats retaining the Senate on TV, 40+ minutes after the other networks. Charlie Kirk is on and urging Republicans to “get good” at vote-by-mail.

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) November 13, 2022

He just can’t quit Fox News.


He does it for free now. https://t.co/xi5vpRuRjB

— Secret Yoder Man (@YoderSecreto) November 13, 2022

Atta boy!

And Humpty Dumpty doesnt get to play.

— frigo (@jefffregeau) November 13, 2022

You know that you’re no longer contractually obligated to watch FOX news against your will anymore, right?

— Secret Yoder Man (@YoderSecreto) November 13, 2022


— Cathy A. Salazar (@LvlyWords) November 13, 2022

Some things never change.

You just can’t quit them pic.twitter.com/NgP5ROdBLe

— JayJay McMaster, CD (@tantrumblue1) November 13, 2022

You’ve gone from being paid to watch Fox to hate watching Fox. It’s not healthy dude.

— James Whomever (@JamesWhomever) November 13, 2022

C’mon man, he needs somethin’ to do.


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