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Thursday, June 30, 2022
Whenever we listen to or think about biometrics, the first things that come to our mind are fingerprints or iris scans which are now common features in our phones. In this age of information and technology, biometric authentication is a critical way to safeguard valuable assets. From the usual suspects of fingerprints, palm prints, voices
Dinosaurs, unlike humans, had no umbilical cord because they deposited eggs. Dinosaur yolk sacs were connected to the body by a slit-like aperture, also discovered in other egg-laying terrestrial animals. This is the opening that is sealed up about when the animal hatches, leaving a long umbilical scar. While the egg-laying nature of dinosaurs predicts
Retinitis pigmentosa is a degenerative eye disease characterized by progressive vision loss, usually leading to blindness. Inherited retinal degeneration due to the loss of photoreceptor cells is a leading cause of human blindness. While structural defects of the photoreceptor cells associated with retinal degeneration have been observed, the molecular mechanisms involved are not understood. Scientists
Despite the fact that E. coli is a major public health concern that causes significant death and morbidity, it is not a cause of pandemics. Also known as a commensal, a bacteria that lives inside us and can behave as an opportunistic pathogen, infecting its host when stressed, has an underlying disease, or is immunodeficiency.
The Baksan Experiment on Sterile Transitions (BEST) probes the gallium anomaly and possible connections to oscillations between active and sterile neutrinos. The latest results from BEST confirm an anomaly seen in previous experiments. This could point to an as-yet-unconfirmed new elementary particle, the sterile neutrino, or indicate the need for a new interpretation of an
The relationship between life and the environment it inhabits holds many clues about how the planet became habitable over the years. Planetary habitability is strongly influenced by solar insolation and photon radiance flux, which couple planetary and stellar evolution to the persistence of life. Many of Earth’s geochemical proxy records are incomplete. This is why
As we know, the emergence of life requires three building blocks: an energy source, access to nutrition, and the presence of liquid water. Apart from these requirements, it remains unknown to what extent conditions on other planets need to resemble Earth to be habitable. But what if we search for planets that are different from
Accurate spatial models of tectonic plates and geological terranes are essential for analyzing and interpreting a wide variety of geoscientific data and developing compositional and physical models of the lithosphere. In a new study, scientists at the Universities of Adelaide, Tasmania, Nevada-Reno, and Geoscience Australia, created new models for tectonic plates that offer fresh insights
Bees are a highly diverse and critical group of pollinators. There is evidence that beneficial and harmful microbiota may be regularly transmitted within and between bee species. Metagenomic analyses offer comprehensive insights into an organism’s microbiome, diet, and viral load but remain largely unapplied to wild bees. In a new study, scientists from York University