Endless Nights Zombie Apocalypse (E.N.Z.A), a new Play 2 Earn NFT shooter game, is coming soon, and it plans to revolutionise the blockchain gaming industry. Fighting zombies has never been more fun or rewarding. With this zombie shooter game, players can participate in an exciting, heart-raising adventure. What’s more, there is an opportunity to earn huge prizes and tokens that are USD transferable. In total, there are 10,000 Endless Nights NFTs available on the Ethereum blockchain. The release date and price will be announced soon.

Image of Endless Nights Zombie Apocalypse NFT game
Endless Nights Zombie Apocalypse is a brand new exciting P2E NFT zombie shooter game.

What is the Endless Nights NFT game?

Zombies are wreaking havoc worldwide, and only the best soldiers will survive. In this unique P2E person vs person shooter game, you play as an elite E.N.Z.A soldier. There will be 10,000 available, with four base model characters. Every NFT is unique, with over 600 unique traits and varying rarity levels.

Your mission is to defeat the zombie hordes as they attack, wave by wave. At the same time, because of the different modes available, you might need to fight other players or squads.

Endless Nights is a fast-paced, brilliant example of blockchain technology. NFTs are at the heart of the game, and players will truly own their in-game assets. E.N.Z.A players can find playable characters, skins and endless accessories in the game. Each of these NFTs is special and tradeable. Endless Nights players will be able to track their NFTs and also trade with other players on marketplaces.

Furthermore, the team behind the project consists of some of the best game developers. A massive group of experts are working on the AAA-rated P2E NFT Endless Nights game.

How to play E.N.Z.A 

Taking part in Endless Nights is easy; you just need to purchase one of the 10,000 NFT E.N.Z.A soldiers. The game will offer a marketplace rental scheme, allowing NFT holders to rent out their soldiers to others.

When you have your elite zombie killing E.N.Z.A soldier, you can play the game, earn money and prizes, and collect in-game NFT assets. Remember, you can trade anything you find in the game on the fantastic dedicated marketplace.

Image of an Endless Nights E.N.Z.A soldier
There are 10,000 E.N.Z.A NFTs available with four different characters and over 500 traits.

Endless Nights NFT P2E game modes

E.N.Z.A has multiple game modes, allowing you to choose your path in this immersive, high-intensity NFT zombie shooter. Want to play as a lone wolf, taking on zombies on your own? Well, you can play as a single player in campaign mode.

Here, you will find a brilliant story mode with weapons, skins and other items to discover. Survive the hordes of the undead and watch out for other vile creatures and bosses. Campaign mode is also playable in co-op.

The Endless Nights NFT game also offers a brutal player vs player deathmatch. Only one will survive, and you must beat your opponent and the zombies chasing you. The PVP mode provides an opportunity to earn tokens to buy in-game assets on the marketplace.

Basically, you pay a fee to enter, and the winner takes all. Significantly, you can also take part in a 4 vs 4 squad deathmatch. You can team up with your friends and take on other teams worldwide.

Tournament mode offers a battle royale experience

The Endless Nights tournament mode is super exciting. It is a battle royale-style game with 100 players against each other. There is a closing gas wave in a vast world, and only one person can win! This mode will be available once a month, adding to the drama.

Image of Endless Nights Player with gasmask on
Endless Nights, the upcoming NFT game, allows you to earn and enjoy.

Play to Earn in Endless Nights NFT Zombie Apocalypse

As a player, there are multiple ways to earn within the game. As stated earlier, renting is one way NFT holders will have to earn. When you own an Endless Nights NFT, you will also get the excellent utility benefits that come with it.

The PVP game modes also provide an opportunity to earn tokens, which can be used to buy in-game assets on the Endless Nights NFT marketplace. Essentially, you pay a small fee to enter, and the winner of the PVP takes all. 

Additionally, in the future, the game will offer a breeding function to expand the ecosystem. This will create more value for NFT holders. Tournaments will also allow players to earn massive rewards, and there are also token/accessory free airdrops and mints to come.

Changing the future of blockchain gaming – E.N.Z.A.

Overall, Endless Nights Zombie Apocalypse is a hugely thrilling and immersive NFT gaming experience. Play alone or team up with your friends to take on the dreadful zombies and earn brilliant rewards.

E.N.Z.A aims to change how we play blockchain games whilst providing a triple-A game experience. There is no official release date or price for the NFTs yet, but we are looking forward to playing this P2E zombie shooter.

If you want to get involved, make sure you check out the E.N.Z.A. Twitter account and their instagram too.

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