Debate is raging online over who should pay up after a wedding dress was ruined by a “drunk” teenager attending a party hosted by the bride’s younger sister.

There are few things in life quite as fraught as planning a wedding. A 2020 study commissioned by wedding supply and advice website Zola highlighted the levels of anxiety experienced with 40 percent of the 2,223 couples canvassed describing the process as “extremely stressful.”

More significantly still, the survey found 71 percent considered their wedding to be more nerve-wracking than any other major life event – including finding a new job.

So you can only imagine the heart palpitations one particular bride must have been having when she discovered the damage done to her wedding dress during a recent party hosted by her 16-year-old sister, who she is also the guardian of.

A dirty wedding dress.
A dirty wedding dress. Debate is raging online over who should pay up after a wedding dress was ruined by a “drunk” teenager attending a party hosted by the bride’s younger sister.

According to an account of events shared to Reddit by account6774, a user claiming to be the teen at the center of the drama, she hosted a “small gathering of 10 people” at her parents’ house while her sister was away – but things escalated quickly.

“Someone brought alcohol, things got kind of out of control, and one of my highly intoxicated friends put on my sister’s wedding dress,” she wrote. “The dress got a ton of stains all over it and a few tears in the fabric.”

Her sister is due to be married in October and was obviously furious after getting home and seeing the damage that had been done. “I feel awful,” her teen sister wrote. “She’s bringing the dress in later today to try to get it fixed, and I feel like such a terrible sister for letting something like this happen.”

She said she has been grounded until the wedding and both she and her friend are in the process of working out how to pay for the repairs. “I guess I can’t be upset since this whole ordeal is my fault,” she said. “I’m also pissed at my friend who found her dress and decided to try it on.”

The girl said she is now dealing with “an immense amount of guilt” having effectively ruined her sister/guardian’s “perfect day.” But while there was plenty of anger among those commenting on social media, not all of it was directed at the sister.

For many, it was her friend who was the main culprit and the one who should have to foot the bill. Mickdeb wrote: “Your friend should pay the dress reparations.” Happyends added: “If the friend is under age her parents are responsible.”

Epelle9 saw things differently, writing: “I think legally, the one that provided the alcohol would be responsible.” The-Verminat0r had a different viewpoint, commenting: “For the damage of the dress, no. For the fine for providing alcohol to minors, yes.”

Bradiator-34 thought there was no point in getting the authorities involved. “If it’s your friend they should just pay and keep anything legal out of it,” they said. ImprobableIT wasn’t so sure though, commenting: “They’ll probably blame these parents because they made alcohol available to underage kids and because no one takes personal responsibility for anything anymore.”

MangaMaven said it was down to both the host and her friend to stump up the cash. “The two of you should be looking for jobs! Everything that doesn’t go into keeping that job needs to go straight to your sister,” they said. “Honestly I feel like the friend owes the whole amount, but you can’t count on them to pay and whatever they don’t fork up will be on your shoulders.”

Nandabun, meanwhile, was convinced other friends were involved, noting “the stains didn’t get there from one person, others were involved.” Atalanta8 also wondered where the teen sister was when “these so-called friends must have been searching the house” adding: “Wedding dresses are not hung on display in the living room.”

Kayemdubs was thoroughly unimpressed, commenting: “Wedding dress aside, letting someone rummage through someone else’s things at your home is a monumental breach of trust and privacy.” They added: “The fact that it was a wedding dress of all things that got ruined just makes an already horrible situation sting a thousand times worse.”

Newsweek has contacted account6774 for comment.