VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2022 / Once again, MonetizeMore, a leader in adtech solutions for publishers, has achieved the topmost echelon of ad tech innovation by winning the 2022 Google Certified Publishing Partner Program Innovation Award.

This prestigious award is given to ad tech companies with the most innovative solutions for publishers and MonetizeMore was chosen for its battle-tested invalid traffic blocking solution to help publishers fix and prevent ad setup policy violations. Ad Setup Policy violations have really high monetary losses associated with them and MonetizeMore has helped over 373 publishers avoid thousands of dollars in revenue clawbacks due to these violations.

Traffic Cop is MonetizeMore’s Invalid Traffic Detection & Blocking solution that is able to detect and fix publishers’ ad setup policy violations in seconds via machine learning. Furthermore, it detects and blocks invalid traffic, preventing bans from Google, revenue loss, and user frustration with multiple ad interruptions. Traffic Cop also provides granular insights to help publishers prevent and rectify their ad setup policy violations, and detect IVT by device, UTM source, country, and much more. Numerous publishers have benefited from the dashboard, as it helped them fix and block invalid traffic on their ad inventory, keeping them from getting blacklisted by advertisers.

The 2022 Innovation Award for ad setup policy violations comes on the heels of a series of significant achievements from MonetizeMore this year. In September, MonetizeMore was recognized as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies in The Globe and Mail’s 2022 Report on Business with a three-year growth rate of 321%. Furthermore, the company has been ranked in The Financial Times’ list of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2022.

“Thanks to Google for really showing how important it is to keep on track for policy violations. This is specifically under the realm of invalid traffic. What a lot of publishers and Google Certified Publisher Partners don’t understand is that invalid traffic isn’t just traffic quality, it’s an ad setup policy violation.

This comes under ad stacking, hidden ad units, aggressive refreshes, and click spam. These come all under the portion of invalid traffic and we have created tools under Traffic Cop that creates notifications and provides granular reports so that publishers can actually detect these ad setup policy violations and go through them step by step to fix them so that their policy violations can be prevented, fixed and ultimately their businesses are safer from revenue clawbacks.

We’ve been able to decrease publishers’ revenue clawbacks by over 10X. We’re now able to offer Traffic Cop not only to publishers but also GCPPs via API and our reporting setup. To ultimately help the ecosystem and get rid of invalid traffic and ad setup policy violations!- Kean Graham, CEO of MonetizeMore.” – Kean Graham, CEO of MonetizeMore.

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MonetizeMore started in 2010, and has grown to over 275 team members across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia & Latin America. We are a Google Certified Publishing Partner trusted by 1000+ websites and app developers to manage their ad revenue optimization across 40 countries through our comprehensive and AI-powered platform PubGuru, including Google award-winning tool Traffic Cop protecting publishers from invalid traffic and revenue clawbacks.

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