Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin are joined by Hannah Keyser of Yahoo Sports to talk about the Houston Astros’ World Series triumph. They also discuss LSU’s win over Alabama and the current state of SEC football. Finally, they assess Herschel Walker’s Senate candidacy and what’s motivating it.

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• Read Keyser’s stories for Yahoo Sports on the Houston Astros’ World Series victory over the Philadelphia Phillies, series MVP Jeremy Pena, and the sustained success of the Astros (and the Los Angeles Dodgers).

• In the Ringer, Ben Lindbergh wrote about how the current Astros team differs, and doesn’t, from the 2017 champions who employed an elaborate sign-stealing scheme.

• ESPN’s Jeff Passan and Andscape’s Clinton Yates profiled Dusty Baker, who won his first World Series title as a manager at the age of 73.

• Read the Athletic’s delightful oral history, “True stories of Dusty Baker: ‘I’m the second-most-interesting man in the world.’ ”

• Alex Kirshner’s Slate piece on LSU and the future of college football.

• The Washington Post’s Chuck Culpepper on whether Alabama is in decline.

• Texas A&M has lost five straight, and Jimbo Fisher has a lot of guaranteed money coming his way.

• Joel’s Slate piece on Herschel Walker’s Senate candidacy.

• The New York Times Magazine’s 1981 profile, “Herschel Walker’s Run to Glory.”

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