Indonesian music star Isyana Sarasvati’s NFT collection – ‘My Mystery NFT’ – is all set to drop this month. The curated collection featuring music and art NFTs is centred around themes of self-exploration. First announced in October, the collection’s allowlist sale will go live on November 10, followed by the public sale from November 12 to 16.  So, let’s take a closer look at Isyana Sarasvati’s NFT collection.

Isyana Sarasvati musician NFT
Isyana Sarasvati’s first music NFTs drop this month! Credit: Isyana Sarasvati

Everything you need to know about ‘My Mystery NFT’ 

‘My Mystery NFT’ is a curated collection of music NFTs by Isyana Sarasvati. In fact, the singer turned her AMI Awards 2022-winning song “my Mystery” into the NFT collection. Basically, the collection documents her journey through 2022. Revolving around the theme of self-exploration, the collection represents her “uncanny relationship with all the different versions of herself.”

“In collaboration with HarmoniXX, this project highlights the creative conversation between art and the blockchain community,” notes her website. “Allowing my Mystery NFT holder to experience a synaesthetic space between audio and visual.”

For allowlisted community members, the NFTs will cost 0.055 ETH each. They can mint the NFTs between 10 and 11 November. Then, the public sale will go live from November 12 to 16.

Who is Isyana Sarasvati?

Isyana Sarasvati is one of the most influential Indonesian female musicians and is renowned for her music and composing skills. A graduate of Singapore’s Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and London’s Royal Music College, she has also won several international and Indonesian awards. She also boasts her own music label, REDROSE Records. What’s more, she is one of Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 lists of young achievers. With her first NFT collection, the singer is now stepping into the Web3 universe.

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