Non-institutional foreign ownership excluding Aramco up to 10.32% last week

Tadawul trading screen

Non-institutional foreign investors increased their ownership in Tadawul-listed equities, excluding Saudi Aramco, to 10.32%, or SAR 362.4 billion, in the week ended Nov. 3, from 10.23% in the week before, market data showed. 

The ownership of non-institutional foreign investors is represented by swap holders, residents and qualified foreign investors (QFIs).

GCC investors’ ownership in Saudi equities, excluding Saudi Aramco, remained unchanged at 1.73% of the total market cap, or SAR 51.6 billion week-on-week (WoW).

Foreign investors’ ownership, including strategic partners and excluding Saudi Aramco, climbed to 12.18 %, or SAR 362.35 billion, from 12. 04%, for the week ended Nov. 3.

Meanwhile, institutional foreign investors, excluding Saudi Aramco, accounted for 1.86%, or SAR 55.3 billion, of the total foreign ownership in the Saudi market for the same week.