Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec delved into the Reddit account of Nichalos John Roske, the man who is accused of flying to a Washington, DC suburb to murder Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

More information has become available about the suspect since the details of his Reddit account were revealed by an FBI affidavit. These details show that he had expressed plans to kill three justices. It was also revealed that Roske used several different Reddit accounts to communicate his alleged plans, including somewhere he went under the pseudonym “Sophie.” 

“Nicholas John Roske the accused suspect that was arrested,” Posobiec began. “By the way, who turned himself in, outside Justice Kavanaugh’s house where he was planning to kill him with a Glock 9. He had zip ties in his backpack, he had duct tape. We don’t even know to this point, to which extent…maybe we will, hopefully, we will learn more in court—what he planned to do to the Kavanaugh family.”

“The last time we checked in on dear Nicholas Roske…we found out that he was a Redditor, and we were very much not surprised that a crazy Redditor was trying to kill a Supreme Court Justice,” Posobiec said.

Posobiec pointed to phrases from Roske’s search history like “How to be stealthy,” “assassin skills,” and “what is best place to stab a guy,” which Posobiec jokingly called “really high levels of research.”

“He didn’t even take time to study the blade. You know, you could at least study the blade, Nicholas, but no…you went for the gun like a coward. Come on man, do you even watch any anime?” Posobiec again joked. 

“He also went by Sophie on Reddit and is identified as MTF, or male to female. In posts he made under the username AmericanNick, Roske introduced himself on Reddit with the feminine name Sophie… and requested a female partner ‘for cuddles.’”

“Discord messages between Roske and another unidentified person in the affidavit uncovered his original plan to shoot ‘three justices to change the vote for years to come.’ But what Andy [Ngo] has done here over on the court records is actually delve into this, and we’re getting more now because we have the Reddit account. So let’s go see what Nicholas John Roske, AKA Sophie, was asking about on Reddit, and it was more than just cuddles, apparently. 

Court filings reveal new info about Nicholas Roske, the suspect who allegedly took steps to assassinate Judge Kavanaugh. Affidavit says Roske planned to kill 3 judges & that social media was used in planning. Additionally, Roske is revealed to be trans & goes by name “Sophie.”

— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) July 29, 2022

“Seeking a cuddle movie buddy, MTF college graduate looking for woman to cuddle and watch movies with me preferably within 5 years of me, both younger and cooler. There are very few men I’m comfortable with, even platonically, so that is why I’m specifying. I have an alt style, working on developing it, maybe you can help.  4/20 friendly, love deep conversations, geeky/introverted. I love movies and I’m sure we’ll find something we both like,’” Posobiec read from Roske’s Twitter post.

“Wow, just so unique,” he joked. “Someone who loves movies. Never met anybody—I’ve never met anybody who doesn’t like movies, by the way. Have you ever actually met someone that’s like, ‘movies?! they’re so long and you have to pay attention, those things suck.’”

Roske, who has pleaded “not guilty” to attempting to kill or kidnap a U.S. judge, failed to physically harm anyone as when he arrived by cab at Kavanaugh’s Chevy Chase home at 1: 05 am, he called 911 on himself, telling the operator he was having “suicidal thoughts,” and wanted to kill the justice, upon seeing deputy U.S. Marshals stationed outside of his residence. The Montgomery County Police Department arrived on the scene and took Roske into custody before he could carry out the crime, the New York Post reported.