Robotos, the NFT brand with 10,000 digital collectibles, is launching a metaverse experience – a city called Robopolis. Among the spaces and activities announced for this brand new metaverse will be MoRA, the Robotos Art Museum and a Robotos Workshop, to name but a few!

Map of the 2D metaverse Robopolis.

Robopolis: What we know so far

Spaces within Robopolis include MoRa, the museum of Robotos Art. This is set to have various halls with a permanent collection of iconic pieces, including the Robolobsters and Robotos Genesis collections. Additionally, there will be a Robotos Workshop. Here, players can get upgrades for their Robotos and Robopets, as well as a cinema!

In Robopolis, players can also get treatments for their Robotos in the Beauty Salon and enjoy digital treats in the candy shop. It’s safe to say that Robopolis is every robot fan’s childhood dream come true!

“It has always been my aspiration to bring characters to life and create a universe around them. So, opening the gates of Robopolis will give our community a space of belonging, where they can hang out and have meaningful experiences in all the events and activations we are planning for the following months,” said Pablo Stanley, the creator of Robotos.

Some Robopolis activities are open to the public, others token-gated. Interestingly, blockchain technology will enable players to make money and thus create a Robopolis economy. Future expansions will include a piece of land for every Roboto where collectors can bring their own stories to life.

About the Robotos NFT collection

The Robotos NFT collection features randomly generated droids with cute faces and edgy digital fashion. Featuring over 170 traits, the collection is definitely unique in its scope and design. It has one of the most loyal communities in the NFT space and its family-friendly atmosphere appeals to players and NFT enthusiasts of all ages.

Currently, Robotos NFTs can be purchased on OpenSea. Holders are invited to check out Robopolis, and step into a 2D metaverse like no other!

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