Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center said on Tuesday that it will perform a surgery to separate Yemeni conjoined twins from Aden governorate.

The operation, which comes after directives from King Salman, will be held on Thursday at King Abdullah Specialist Children’s Hospital in King Abdulaziz Medical City at the Ministry of National Guard in Riyadh.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, general supervisor of KSrelief and head of the medical and surgical team, said the operation to separate Mawaddah and Rahmah is expected to take about 11 hours, and will be carried out in 6 stages, with 28 doctors and specialists, in addition to technicians and nurses.

He added that the twins are female, were born conjoined to the lower chest and abdomen, and according to examinations, share the liver and intestines, and are suspected to be attached by a heart membrane.

Dr. Al-Rabeeah thanked King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the great support that the medical team and the health sector in the Kingdom receive from the leadership and the humanitarian gestures they provide to needy people everywhere.