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It’s an honor to join so many millions of Americans who are in awe of God’s goodness and the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade. Truly, on the long road home, my faith was tested to hold on to the dream that we would live to see this day.

As we marched, prayed, and used our united voices for decades to support the pro-life cause, we kept the faith, hoping that God would allow the scourge of court-mandated abortion to end and wipe this great moral stain off our national conscience.

“Without faith it is impossible to please God,” the book of Hebrews reminds us. For half a century, the pro-life movement has been a movement of faith.

“My own story would not be told if not for the faith of the pro-life cause. In 1950, my grandaddy asked my mother to save her unborn child—me—when she was considering abortion. He told her “You cannot abort that baby. She’s a little girl with bright skin and red hair; she’s going to bless many people.” Thankfully, my grandfather’s words hit home. The fact that I was saved from abortion might mean that, like Queen Esther, I was born for such a time as this.”

I personally came into the pro-life movement in the early 1980s after a personal born-again-in-Christ experience, and I had so much to learn. I changed from being pro-choice to pro-life as I was recovering from the trauma of two abortions and a miscarriage, and I felt the need to share my testimony of God’s grace.


During my early days of life in the pro-life movement, I had the honor of being mentored by veteran pro-life leaders such as Dr. Mildred Faye Jefferson, Dr. Johnny Hunter, Rev. Frank Pavone, and many others. I had no idea back then that through God’s grace I too would one day become a pro-life voice in America.

I learned why Roe v. Wade was a terrible crime against humanity as I watched the number of abortions mount as the decades passed. It was apparent to me that abortion is a major civil wrong. Soon thereafter, I dedicated my life to ending the scourge.

Over the years, events that seemed “false starts” for victory to many became “the long road home” for the faithful. Some leaders like Nellie Gray and Dr. Jefferson have passed away. However, the torch for life has never died.

And then, there was Dobbs. We thank God for this blessing; Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Today and moving ahead, our movement of love becomes all the more important. Our fight for life continues at the state level, where we will have to fight for better foster care systems and adoption access, better education opportunities, and greater resources for young families in need, in order to help welcome all the new babies saved by the Court’s ruling.

In this way, the pro-life movement is the real pro-woman movement because it offers women genuine options. About 2,700 pregnancy resource centers around the country are staffed by tens of thousands of loving volunteers, eager to donate their time, talents, and treasures to women in need. These centers offer women counseling, mentorship, medical services, and financial help without judgment or stigma.

Understanding this, we must amplify our prayers and support as the pregnancy care centers rally against the misguided rage of pro-abortion attacks. The pro-choice movement continues to demonstrate that they are a movement of anger, and they continually offer an abundance of examples.

After the leak of the Dobbs decision in early May, pregnancy resource centers and churches across America began to experience a slew of left-wing violence ranging from graffiti and broken windows to even fire bombings and an attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. These attacks have grown so numerous that even the FBI and Department of Justice have gotten involved.

Just as my uncle, Martin Luther King Jr., stood up so boldly for the civil rights issue of his time, I believe that all Americans are called to stand against abortion, with the sanctity of life from the womb to the tomb being the civil rights issue of our time.

Estimates from pro-abortion groups show that about 930,000 abortions happen in the United States per year. Estimates also show that about 38 percent of abortions are performed on Black women—meaning that about 353,000 black babies are aborted every single year. That breaks down to about 968 Black babies aborted each day, or 40 every hour, or one every minute and a half.


Why are the people who claim to stand for Black voices silent on this? Don’t all Black Lives, including babies in the womb matter?

Where is the human dignity; the compassion for this destruction of life in the womb; this horror, that is being inflicted upon the Black community?


As human beings, we cannot afford to be colorblind or womb-blind—we are the one-blood human race.

The pro-life movement has made a commitment to stand up for the rights of the least among us, especially the most vulnerable: those in the womb who cannot protect themselves. In the coming days, we will continue to care for all God’s children by offering them love and compassion at all stages of life. We must wake up and show babies that they are wanted, from the womb to the tomb.


Evangelist Alveda King is Chairman of the Center for the American Dream at the America First Policy Institute. A niece of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., she is the author of several books, including “King Rules” and “How Can the Dream Survive if We Murder the Children.”