The data for this month’s most popular recipes is conclusive: We are eating and drinking our way through a heatwave. If you found yourself sitting on the floor, blasting the AC, and eating an Italian Sub Salad straight out of the bowl you mixed it in—same. When you did venture out to picnics and backyard barbecues, you were prepared with hot-weather provisions like this budget-friendly, spicy and creamy potato salad or a platter of bursty heirloom tomatoes on whooshes of creamy feta. ‘Tis the season to eat, sweat, drink a refreshing paloma, and repeat. 

  • Salty grapefruit paloma on pink surfaces.

    Photograph by Isa Zapata, Food Styling by Micah Morton



    On a blazing summer day, nothing hits quite like a sweet, sour, and lightly salty paloma cocktail that comes together in just a moment.

  • Photograph by Isa Zapata, Food Styling by Spencer Richards, Prop Styling by Marina Bevilacqua


    Spicy Caesar Potato Salad

    Part Caesar, part patatas bravas, and supremely likeable, thanks to a sassy dressing with a clever shortcut.