Is there a dumber show on television than “The View?” I mean, Joy Reid’s MSNBC show exists, so probably, but it’s got to be up there, right?

On Monday, the round table of liberal women decided to discuss the recent TPUSA summit that took place in Florida, which some RedState writers attended. Naturally, that meant lots of breathless accusations that in no way reflect reality. One of those surrounded “nazi” protesters who appeared outside the conference. Our own Brandon Morse videoed himself making fun of them if that gives you an idea of how much support they had among conservatives at the event.

Regardless, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and all but one of the hosts went wild, asserting that Ron DeSantis was somehow connected to these “nazis.”

Shockingly, Ana Navarro sort of defends DeSantis from Behar.”I don’t think Desantis has been involved in promoting a coup against America.”

And bucking the narrative that he’s like Trump, she says “I think Donald Trump is in a class all by himself, thank God.”

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) July 25, 2022

When Ana Navarro is the voice of reason, you know things have gone way off the rails. To start, these “nazi” protesters were not attending the conference, and they were not allowed “inside” as Goldberg suggests. Instead, they were mocked and maligned as they stood outside on the sidewalk. Behar’s claim that DeSantis sympathizes with nazis is farcical, based on no evidence whatsoever.

Further, it is not the Florida governor’s job to constantly denounce every random half-dozen wackos who make a public appearance, especially given the history of these types of “nazis” being leftwing astroturf (i.e. what happened to Glenn Youngkin). Democrats are never expected to denounce Antifa or other anarcho-communist groups that show up at their events, but they demand Republicans always answer for those they have no relation to. DeSantis doesn’t play that game, and that drives the left mad. They want him to condemn these “nazis” because then they can say, “See, they are part of his group.”

Getting back to “The View,” apparently, the network’s lawyers didn’t like how the DeSantis segment went. When the show came back from a commercial break, multiple clarifications were given, including Sarah Haines being forced to read a “legal note.”

Following a break, Whoopi wanted to “make a quick clarification” that the Nazis were “outside protesters” and claims her point was “metaphorical” suggesting they “embraced them at your thing.”

Behar defended Antifa terrorists and whined they would get a bad rap if they were there

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) July 25, 2022

The long and short of it is that basically everything these unbearable lunatics said originally was false. TPUSA condemned the “nazis” in question via a statement. For his part, Ron DeSantis had no connection with them whatsoever. Lastly, Goldberg’s rantings about them being part of the conference were also false. On the contrary, they were ridiculed and denied entry.

In other words, this was just another day on “The View.” How ABC News justifies keeping that dumpster fire on the air is a question that may never be answered. We are talking about hosts who know absolutely nothing about anything they address, yet try to present themselves as thoughtful analysts. Who actually watches this mindless garbage? Well, I know the answer to that (*coughwhite, liberal wine moms), but still.

I’ll end by mentioning how much I enjoy watching DeSantis drive Democrats mad. They just have nothing on the guy, and the flailing attacks are genuinely entertaining to watch.