I breathe easier knowing that my egg-frying pans are high-quality and heavy-duty, but that doesn’t mean I’m reckless. They live by themselves in a cabinet where they will never get scratched. Stacking a nonstick skillet with other pans or cutlery beats the hell out of them, so after I’m done cooking eggs, I clean, dry, and put mine away in a place where they won’t be touched by anything else. (They’re dishwasher safe, but I recommend handwashing.) Zwilling says it’s cool to use metal utensils on the nonstick surface, but I use a rubber spatula when I whip up scrambled eggs. Why run the risk? This babying prolongs their life span, and when I’m talking about the best nonstick pans there are, I want them to live as long as possible. I want them to live forever.

Looking for something a bit less expensive?

For about half the price of the Zwilling Madura, you can snap up a Tramontina nonstick fry pan. The stainless steel handle comes with a heat resistant silicone sheath, and the heavy-duty aluminum makes for even heat distribution whether you’re scrambling eggs or sautéing leeks for a frittata. The nonstick coating is durable and slick, and the pan itself is incredibly sturdy and can stand up well to most any task in the kitchen. And if it does start to show signs of wear, don’t worry—because it’s so affordable, you can replace it as needed.

nonstick skillet

Tramontina Nonstick Fry Pan, 10-Inch

But what if I just want to make one egg?

If you make a lot of egg sandwiches or often fry up a single egg to top your leftovers, the best egg pan for you is the adorable Greenpan 5-inch nonstick skillet. Made of aluminum with a silicone-wrapped handle, it’s lightweight, conducts heat like a champ, and can be easily stashed in a drawer because of its petite size. Since the pan prevents the egg from spreading, commerce writer Tiffany Hopkins reaches for her mini Greenpan when she wants a neat and tidy fried egg for topping an English muffin. It also scores extra points for versatility: Hopkins says she uses her Greenpan to make silver dollar pancakes in addition to eggs.

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Let’s scramble:

This piece was originally published in 2017 and was updated in 2022 by Megan Wahn.