FL Airport Bust
Gun Stuffed in Raw Chicken!!!
TSA Stops Fowl Play

11/8/2022 1: 04 PM PT

chicken gun

TSA agents in South Florida aren’t pullin’ anyone’s wing after confiscating a raw chicken — one that turned out to be fully loaded.

The Transportation Security Administration posted the raw crime Monday … showing the offending bird stuffed with a handgun after it was seized at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The bird seemed to be completely packaged, with the firearm wrapped up tight in plastic and then jammed into the bird … a pretty dangerous spin on the whole Turducken craze.

chicken gun

Chickens — raw or cooked — are ok to travel with passengers, according to TSA’s guidelines, but obviously, firearms inside said chicken … ain’t gonna fly.

chicken gun

FYI — the airports in FL have seen a MAJOR spike in illegal guns at security checkpoints … with 700 total found across the state so far this year, but we’re guessing nothing like this.

Important PSA in November: check your bird carefully before cooking and carving!!!