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“Find Your Fun”

My 14-day guided course, based on The Power of Fun, is designed to help you build a more fun-filled life. (Use code TED for 15 percent off) | Explore

“Outsmart Your Smartphone”

My 30-day guided course, based on my book How to Break Up With Your Phone and delivered via text message, in which your phone breaks up with you. The goal isn’t to give up your phone completely; it’s to develop a healthier relationship. (Use code TED for 15 percent off)

Kevin Roose | The New York Times, 2019 | Article

“Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain”

A New York Times article about me and my 30-day program, written by tech and business journalist Kevin Roose. The piece went viral, receiving more than two million hits in less than a week, and remained at the number-one slot for most-popular, most-emailed and most-shared for more than four days and was one of the most-read articles published by The New York Times in all of 2019.

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos | Pushkin, 2021 | Listen

“Laurie Gets a Fun-tervention (Part 1)”

I coached Laurie Santos — host of The Happiness Lab and professor of the most popular course in Yale’s history — through a “funtervention.”

Ross Gay | Coronet, 2020 | Book

The Book of Delights

For the book of delights, poet Ross Gay spent a year writing an essay nearly every day about something that delights him (pecans, waitresses who call him “sweetie,” etc.). As he explains in the book, the more he “tuned in” to delight, the more delights revealed themselves to him. The book inspired me to start my own delight practices, and to share the idea with everyone I can.

Catherine Price | The New York Times, 2021 | Article

“Why We All Need to Have More Fun”

A piece for The New York Times about why it is important to prioritize fun, and how to begin doing so.